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Head Pain


Head pain involves more than just headaches. Pain in the jaw, under or around the eyes or even at the top of your neck are all considered head pains. Whether it lasts for just a few hours or for a few days, we are all too busy for downtime from head pain. It may be time to come see us if you are experiencing any of the following with your head pain:
• Pain that gets steadily worse
• Pain that prevents you from normal daily activities
• Pain that increases with movement
• Head pain from an injury that has affected your balance, coordination, or movement
• Unusually severe headaches

It can be difficult to identify the type of head pain you suffer from: tension, sinus, migraines, or menstrual headaches. Most head pains are not caused by an underlying disease, but from common daily situations such as a need for eyeglass prescriptions, exposure to loud noises, stress, etc.

Possible reasons for pain in the head and surrounding area include but are not limited to:
• Diabetes
• Head or neck trauma
• Joint pain/inflammation
• Poor posture
• Sleep deprivation
• Stress

Head pain can be aggravating, especially when it keeps you from your normal activities. At Trust Physical Therapy, we want you to feel your best. Our experienced therapists will create a treatment plan customized to your unique needs. Different conditions require different handling, which is why our treatment approach is personalized to your specific condition, your symptoms and the goals we as a team set with you.

The therapy services we provide at Trust Physical Therapy will help improve your condition while reducing the pain you feel. The hands-on approach we believe in plays a significant role in your recovery process. Our philosophy is to be the best in rehabilitation, helping you get back to doing the things you love.

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